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This week’s favorite: Joachim Pastor - Fixi

Theme developers, sorry to tell you: if your theme manipulates scrolling, it sucks. 👎

A380 they said.
Will be fun, they said.

Small plane

Challenges of the day:

  1. How to truncate old Git history
  2. How to send parcel to Cuba 🇨🇺

Make home-made mulled wine: easy! 🙋‍♂️

Telling my workmate about a whole bunch of gulp updates. Both of us realizing we’ll have forgotton it all in 10 seconds.

…4, …3, …2, …

Garbage in, garbage out.

Love the story a friend told me yesterday: beautiful girl, and people always like »Must be a model one day!«
Father: »Or a scientist!« 👊

Maybe a web developer. 🙋

Guess who spent 5h 843m to inspect the few 147 fonts one can use to easily asciify their gulp tasks’ console log. 👋

Screenshot containing ASCII art

Client booked »racing bike and triathlon hotel« for me. 🚴
Wait, what?! Does it come with free wifi?

Rennrad- & Triathlonhotel Mohrenwirt Fuschl

Can handle 5 GHz but won’t bring bikes!

10–15 yrs ago CSS was mainly about cross-browser compatibility.
Today it’s all about components, state, transitions and JS. Still the same CSS, though.