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Guess who spent 5h 843m to inspect the few 147 fonts one can use to easily asciify their gulp tasks’ console log. 👋

Screenshot containing ASCII art

Client booked »racing bike and triathlon hotel« for me. 🚴
Wait, what?! Does it come with free wifi?

Rennrad- & Triathlonhotel Mohrenwirt Fuschl

Can handle 5 GHz but won’t bring bikes!

10–15 yrs ago CSS was mainly about cross-browser compatibility.
Today it’s all about components, state, transitions and JS. Still the same CSS, though.

Stop complaining about Facebook and delete your account.
—It’s really that easy.

Consider to provide mock data for your app, if you want me to support frontend dev.
—Cause ng-repeat nothingness will produce: nothing! 👊

Mr @peterschink brought some russian honey nuts whatsoever candy to the office. Cannot read it, but like it! 🍫

Russian Candy

(17:34 Uhr)
»Planungsmäßig bin ich noch bei 16 Uhr.«
»Ich bei 2015.«

Twitter-Avatar @_DECAF

Changing our Twitter avatar to feel slightly more personal. Cause I don’t like people to think they talk to a brand.
Hi, it’s just me :)

Wondering why your IDE doesn’t come up with syntax highlighting for CoffeeScript any more?
—Might be because the three of you are old. 🎅

Read about BEM for the first time? Forget about naming conventions and organizing things. —It’s all about inheritance and specificity!

Read on: ‘Why BEM?’ in a nutshell