Web company based in Berlin and Langenberg/NRW, Germany: UX, BEM, React, Laravel, CMS.

Interested in REDAXO CMS and don’t speak german? Finally, here’s a complete EN demo! 💯

Screenshot REDAXO base demo

REDAXO-Tag 2016 in Essen

Wir waren wieder anne Ruhr. Im Unperfekthaus, wie schon vor 3 Jahren. Und es war wieder großartig.

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Missed the timer.
Monday starts with 11 minutes chinese black tea.

Please consider not using autocomplete="off" on password fields.
Especially not if you’re running a hairdresser’s appointment app.

Using Microsoft Word for texts still feels to me like using a car in a city.

If I ran a web conf, it wouldn’t come with talks. Just conf.

(That must be one reason why I don’t run a web conf.)

Didn’t install any trackers or analytics on within our last relaunch.

Do. Not. Track.

Hint: This blog comes without trackers, too.