Web company based in Berlin and Langenberg/NRW, Germany: UX, BEM, React, Vue, Laravel, CMS.

CSS flexbox is to layout production what Lars Ulrich is to playing drums: it kinda works if you give it enough time to fiddle. When deployed live, it fails in front of the audience and screws up your gig.


Don’t add comments explaining your code. Add comments that explain the purpose of your code; describe the context!

What a cool feature would it be if you were able to pause the world at any time to fade in Kiss’ acapella part of God Gave Rock And Roll To You?
I mean, watch out:            See?

Team planning in Slack about friday deployments suck, milk for coffee is missing and a multitude of drops make an ocean, when guy comes online:
—And goes offline.



Designers don’t code.

I’m in love with Tweetbot’s dark mode. It’s hellofadark!

Still don’t like the app icon. Too angry, isn’t it? Maybe cause Twitter’s limited API is limited.

Tweetbot Icon

Berlin the fck you talkin bout? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Weird message on streetlight

Awesome build workflows are gold wert!

Nada Surf Death Cab ’n Cutie Friends

Favorite office playlist. ❤️

Screenshot Spotify-Link

Every time I need to touch that old WordPress project, I fold my chair back and slide deep under the table. Like Batman in his tumbler, but on my back, not face down. Not heroic, but humble. You get the picture.