Web company based in Berlin and Langenberg/NRW, Germany: UX, BEM, React, Laravel, CMS.

If I ran a web conf, it wouldn’t come with talks. Just conf.

(That must be one reason why I don’t run a web conf.)

Didn’t install any trackers or analytics on within our last relaunch.

Do. Not. Track.

Hint: This blog comes without trackers, too.

Sass vs. PostCSS? We'll go for a Sass basis because of its predefined feature set. PostCSS may transform shit later on.

Will listen to Death Cab For Cutie for the next 5.3 hrs.

(Workmate has been first in the office this morning.)

»Short as in short cappuccino.«

Short as in short cappuccino

Ehrlichkeit as a service.

DECAF 2016

Screenshot of new DECAF website

Finally, new website.