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Lucaffé, Hausbrandt, Gorilla

Die nächsten Wochen werden mal wieder italienisch. Typische Barmischungen mit 20–40% Robusta-Anteil. Weil: Crema! 🇮🇹

Lucaffe, Hausbrandt, Gorilla

Albrecht 18

Wir haben wieder freie Plätze im Büro und wollen die Gelegenheit nutzen, das Team zu vergrößern. Vor allen im Bereich Laravel-Entwicklung fehlt dringend Verstärkung. Und womöglich werden wir nach all den Jahren ein Ausbildungsbetrieb?

Office space

Hello office, good to see you again!

Office door

No backups Work from home for 138 days:

No Backups for 138 Days

2 cups of cappuccino

Which one?

Picture of striking people in front of Brandenburg Gate

#ClimateStrike 🌳

Malabar 🇮🇳

In the office, we’ve gone through a lot of coffee. And if you ever ask if we’ve a favorite that we all like best: indeed!

Image of Malabar coffee

It doesn’t have to be Fausto by the way, and of course this isn’t supposed to be advertising. Just make sure it’s indian Malabar you get from the roaster you trust.

This blog’s coffee history until today: La Casa del Café / Wacker’s / Cubita / Good Karma / Jolly, GM Maurizio, Martella / Flying Roasters / Blaser, Danesi, Costadoro, Ionia / Mirella / Röststätte / Speicherstadt / Dallmayr, 220 Grad, Ionia / coffeemamas

This is a call: do not use foo bar in component demos if you could use foo fighters instead!

Accordions with Foo Fighters content

If everything could ever feel this real forever!

Switched over from Ghost to GitHub Pages

Switched over from Ghost to GitHub Pages

This blog ran on WordPress decades ago. Then suddenly Ghost was standing in the room and looked terribly awesome! What happened that we’re on GitHub Pages now?

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Habe d’Ehre

I wouldn’t write about Vienna if it wasn’t so beautiful!
In town for a Kleine Schale Gold. ☕️

Hofburg View from Millennium Tower