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Error 404, und du bist schuld!

Eine handvoll Gründe, warum die Meldung, die vom Server mit einem 404er ausgegeben wird, in der Regel weder höflich noch hilfreich ist.

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Der Herr Fiene – Radiomacher, Podcastbuchautor, Allerweltsblogger und irgendwas mit Medien – hätte da mal ein paar Fragen zum Kaffee. Und wenn es um Kaffee geht, fangen wir gerne Stöckchen:

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POSH, FESCH and ROW: We got it together, baby.


The colours of this posh thing on the left will clash with the ROW (Rest of this website). Sorry for that, but it’s a meaningful issue and we’ll have to be serious about it.

Quiet is the new Loud, but POSH is no more than the same old everyday job with now having a name for it. It’s about writing plain old semantic HTML instead of semantic html. It is <p></p> instead of <font></font>. And it is not beta but phi, chi or psi. It’s the web’s All you need is love, its Street Fighting Man or its Bitter Sweet Symphony. It is bigger than Walt Whitman and smarter than Joanne K. Rowling. It’s as strong as Colt Seavers. A White Russian without old-fashioned glasses. It is perfectly well-balanced, you can read it without having to look at it. And it doesn’t smell. It sounds like Barry White and we got it together, baby.
All that is why we love it so much.

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And by the way: they say that the german acronym for spicy websites may used to be »fesch«, which is feines, einfaches, semantisch codiertes HTML. It sounds similar to »Flash« but we like it anyway.

(POSH via Vorsprungdurchwebstandards)

Stulle at MoMA

We feel happy to announce that the Berlin »Stulle« is featured by the NYC’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).


From May 10 until June 30 product design from Berlin is being showcased in Soho:

In May, the MoMA Design Stores launch Destination: Berlin, a MoMA-exclusive product collection spotlighting Berlin’s young and dynamic design scene. The products from 20 designers living and working in Berlin showcase the best of what’s happening now.

Stulle moneywear is located in Berlin’s famousPrenzlauer Berg, where designer Sabine Spanheimer produces handmade purses from canvas.

All the best for you, Sabine!

Meiert: »Principles of art, design, and decoration«

I just came across Jens Meiert‘s article about »principles of art, design, and decoration«. And, hum, as I dwell upon communication design (beside coffee and stuff) while pretty often being confronted with websites to be dolled up for barbie contest, I’d love to refer to Meiert’s statement

Art hides. [..]
Design reveals. [..]
Anything else that doesn’t have meaning is just decoration, at most.

Thank you for reducing to the max, Jens. According to your thoughts it’s been a while since I dropped this one:

Design is not the website’s flowery wallpaper but the character of its content.

From now on, I’ll go for the »design reveals« thing.

Web 2.0 - the birds and the bees

Web 2.0

As already mentioned elsewhere: the drawing emerged from thoughts about which basic conditions have to be fulfilled for working websites. Seems to be something like that: provider with purpose and sense meets user with attention and interest, and they both share benefit and added value.

Nothing to write home about, I just wanted to drop into conversation.
»And the drawing is still beta.«

Commodore 64 Blog

WordPress blog turned into a Commodore 64:


Morticious Thrind

(via Basicthinking via Boing Boing)

»Reset Reloaded«: Browserstyles zurücksetzen

Eric Meyer hat heute seine vermutlich finale Variante des CSS Resets vorgestellt.

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Still in love with..

Said this about 2 years ago when they asked my about my love (to CSS):

His favorite beans come from Indonesia (he loves Sumatra and Sulawesi)..


Times are a-changin’: forget about my indonesian beans. Actually, they are nice.. bold and intensive, earthy aroma, virtually no acidity. Sulawesi ist gorgeous. But I am back on the latin american side of life right now and in love with coffeemamas. Located in the heart of Berlin they do hell of a coffee.

Didn’t taste their decaf yet, but I got to sip about eleven coffees all-around, and the House Blend (the latin americans mentioned above) turned out to be my personal Jamaican Blue Mountain. Thank god it’s friday coffee!

(This is not advertising but enthusiasm. It’s not getting coffee for free but sharing my love.)

It’s all about coffee benefit

Coffee cup

After we’d started with DECAF° in 2004 we thought of getting some place for coffee breaks and the web stuff that was coming along with projects. For a while, it wasn’t that much content (asuming to fill a weblog) and we haven’t had that much »time« to write it down.. but from now on we’d love to talk about flexible multi-column forms, fluid layouts, gentle px, serious blog navigation, developing wordpress plugins, using Redaxo CMS, achieving social software, the mobile web, the web 2.0 senior edition, bad caffeine and more.

This one is blogging for interest, used to be our humble opinion and is starting right now. Think we’ll have cookies for the tea coffee.