POSH, FESCH and ROW: We got it together, baby.


The colours of this posh thing on the left will clash with the ROW (Rest of this website). Sorry for that, but it’s a meaningful issue and we’ll have to be serious about it.

Quiet is the new Loud, but POSH is no more than the same old everyday job with now having a name for it. It’s about writing plain old semantic HTML instead of semantic html. It is <p></p> instead of <font></font>. And it is not beta but phi, chi or psi. It’s the web’s All you need is love, its Street Fighting Man or its Bitter Sweet Symphony. It is bigger than Walt Whitman and smarter than Joanne K. Rowling. It’s as strong as Colt Seavers. A White Russian without old-fashioned glasses. It is perfectly well-balanced, you can read it without having to look at it. And it doesn’t smell. It sounds like Barry White and we got it together, baby.
All that is why we love it so much.

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And by the way: they say that the german acronym for spicy websites may used to be »fesch«, which is feines, einfaches, semantisch codiertes HTML. It sounds similar to »Flash« but we like it anyway.

(POSH via Vorsprungdurchwebstandards)