Web-driven software company based in Berlin and Langenberg/NRW, Germany: Design/UX, Laravel + React.

If you find BEM syntax ugly, there’s a good chance your website footer contains some code is poetry or made with love in {town}.

I bet one cannot dislike the PhpStorm 10 splash screen.

Beautiful PhpStorm 10 splash screen


Good Karma Coffee

Gooooooood Karma!



Best coffee in the hood.

7 yrs later: new website slowly approaching. Plain and simple but with a lot of nifty details. Can’t wait for it to get finished.

Panda happiness if @vorbeigescrollt and his custom elements in your team. 🐼

Look, flying pandas!

Empty dialog message in Photoshop

Whatever, Photoshop.

Btw: the background image makes me terribly excited.
—Relaunch, finally.

mailto:staff 3.1 for WordPress


We released a new version of our WordPress plugin called mailto:staff. You may go and grab it if you maintain a blog with several authors and want to write them emails.

Btw: the project will no longer be maintained. 🐼 If you’d like to take it over and continue development, feel free to contact us!

Achtmal Pfand

Bringe leere Club Mate Cola zurück zum Späti nebenan.
Ich: »Einmal Pfand, und dann noch…«
Sie (unterbricht): »Dit sind aber Achte!«
Ich: »Jaja, einmal achtmal Pfand, und dann noch…«
Sie (unterbricht): »Ick drück ooch jern nur Eene inne Kasse.«

Berlin, weeste.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Got stuck on programming problem?
—Y’d better watch Mike Portnoy playing a Hello Kitty drum kit.

Cannot find a proper giphy for a WordPress with 31 plugins installed slightly falling apart.


Car falling apart