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Battery at 72 %.
Push, build, release, drink, bugfix, drink, push again, release again, lean back: 46 %.

—Performance, my ass.

»I think our users require a contact form they can fill out and sen…«
Me throwing in a mailto link.

Watching Liverpool vs West Ham w/ the kids: »LFC is red, others are blue
She (7): »Who’re the yellow ones?«
She (3): »Who’s the green

If you read about BEM for CSS these days, stop thinking about classes and naming.
It’s all about inheritance.

Als die Sonne vom Himmel fiel

Ab 7. Januar im Kino, am letzten Tag des letzten Jahres noch schnell online gegangen:

Als die Sonne vom Himmel fiel

Too much coff will kill you.

Twitter is mainly about ignoring.
What’s left is great.

Safari CSS hacks all around.
—Dear 2016, can you make things a little less dirty plz!

CSS code containing safari hacks


(+4 websites served with letsencrypt certs. Thx a lot.)

»When you write CSS, there is always context and you’re about to touch it!«

Read on: ‘Why BEM?’ in a nutshell