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(+4 websites served with letsencrypt certs. Thx a lot.)

»When you write CSS, there is always context and you’re about to touch it!«

Read on: ‘Why BEM?’ in a nutshell

This is what my stylesheet source looks like when using postcss-import w/ globbing:

Globbing imports

Always missed globbing in Sass. With BEM you produce a lot of partials and don’t want to import every last one of them.

»Wie ist dein Name?«

Und er so:


Introducing Gremlin.js: web components for websites, not apps.

Introducing Gremlin.js: web components for websites, not apps.

How to use Gremlin.js with HTML Custom Elements and BEM CSS to build modular server-side driven websites, not web apps.

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Use Ember, Angular or React for server-side rendered websites? Well, no.
—Look, Gremlins! How ’d they instantiate?

Ghost 0.7.2 with public API

Ghost 0.7.2 with public API

The current Ghost release includes public API features. Still beta, but lovely. They made us build archives pages and tags pages. Awesome, thank you!

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Again: why use BEM for CSS?
—Because you won’t be able to write modular CSS without.

New Kalason

Released new Kalason website: BEM + GREMLIN.JS + Laravel + Magento. —Go grab all those christmas goodies!


Need to go widescreen to show you my Adventskalender. Danish chocolate. Gift from client.