Switched over from Ghost to GitHub Pages

This blog ran on WordPress decades ago. Then suddenly Ghost was standing in the room and looked terribly awesome! So yeah, we switch from WordPress to Ghost, starting with an early version 0.5.8. And even if Ghost was quite limited at the time, it was lovely from the beginning. Blogging was fun again!

Screenshot of Ghost admin section

We went hand in hand all the way up to Ghost version 0.11.14. And then lost each other. Ghost turned 1 and we didn’t have time to celebrate. Suddenly there were breaking changes, like no more SQLite3 and lots of CLI. And even before we learned to handle it, Ghost turned 2, dropped Markdown and became seriously professional. Well shit, we still were on 0.11! The heck you running so fast, 👻?

When we finally had time again—like… now?—we were thinking about upgrading the old friend. However, MySQL? Nah. Couldn’t it be a static page? Use Gatsby instead, when we were working with React all day anyway? Or switch to Eleventy, since it’s JavaScript and considered simple and focused?


Long story short: Howdy, Jekyll! You’re old, just like us. You’re sparkling joy, like a ruby! And my IDE finds your {%- Liquid -%} templating syntax kind of confusing. You’re friend with GitHub and I ain’t got time to think about CMS any longer.
—So thank you, and thanks to the Ghost devs and the WordPress devs and thank you to the Internet! 🎤