Web company based in Berlin and Langenberg/NRW, Germany: UX, BEM, React, Vue, Laravel, CMS.

I changed that Sound Blaster’s interrupt for whatever reasons.

Emotion driven development

Deeply in love with Paul and James. <3

Me (typing): CSS tricks flexbo…
DuckDuckGo like: Oh come on RLY?! 🐥🔫


Has what —gone?

$ git reset --heart HEAD

Laravel & React

Since we’ll only work with Laravel and React (pretty much for the rest of our lives and beyond!), we’ve removed all CMS and shops and whatsoever content from our website.
Happyemptydone. 👋

Laravel & React

Current state: ☕️


»Your password expires in 7 days!«
Me: 🛀

»Your password expires in 1 day!«
Me: 🔥🙀🏇💥🤪

Office mate mentioned it’s been a while since he used to click the prominent Google search results. Instead, all the relevant stuff is further down.
—Guess he’s right. SEO killed the radio star.