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»Your password expires in 7 days!«
Me: 🛀

»Your password expires in 1 day!«
Me: 🔥🙀🏇💥🤪

Office mate mentioned it’s been a while since he used to click the prominent Google search results. Instead, all the relevant stuff is further down.
—Guess he’s right. SEO killed the radio star.

Cute hidden template wrapper?  #confluence


Post von Wagner

Post für Monsieur Christian Thielemann

Steckte in der Post, und wir sind angemessen irritiert. Versuchen uns ja manchmal am Lohengrin, wenn es im Büro ruhig ist; aber nein, den Monsieur Thielemann gibt es hier nicht. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rest in peace Stephen Hawking. To the stars and beyond.

Darwins Salzburg: Rest in peace Stephen Hawking. To the stars and beyond.

Hey Berlin, 3 seats available in our office near S-Friedrichstraße. Come join us? Ping me for details! 🏳️‍🌈

Office view

$ npm ruin dev

I switched over to US kezboard lazout some weeks ago and still mess up with some kezs. Holz molz!

How to build a simple map for your community

How to create a simple but beautiful world map powered by GitHub Pages and Leaflet that allows for your users to add and manage their entries themselves.

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