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Look ma, new blog!

Look ma, new blog!

Wir haben ein neues Blog, in dem man schnell schreiben kann. Mit Markdown. Es basiert auf Ghost, und das ist ziemlich schlank und toll.

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That escalated quickly.


No internet connection at the office for an hour now.
Coffee machine works fine.
Internet of things: ›Pah!‹ on you!

Ghost is still limited: no media, no apps (plugins), raw API, no foo whatsoever.
– Good time to #tryghost and deal with it.

Received a late birthday gift. Pretty noble reading.
Thx a lot @bjoernenglert!

If Hemingway wrote JavaScript

Hawaii Kona is pretty special. Turns out to be the worst coffee we had for month.

Btw, while talking about coffee: if you had a chance to try indian monsooned Malabar — don’t miss it. Holy!

Unser Büro am Limit:
»Also ich tue mich mit Wagner immer noch schwer…«
»Ich auch.
— Mozart? Oder Gentleman?«


Ho ho ho!


Spec: »…to zoom into the image with standard browser functionality.«
What we did: <img>.
What backend team now asks for: JavaScript TF?!

»Please push it to the new brunch.«

Morgens halb zehn im Git. Jetzt ein Knoppers.