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Easter bunny forgot about the sprint.

Easter bunny's burndown chart

Website developers (not webapp devs): try GREMLIN.JS for dead simple web components!

Go for it whenever your HTML is rendered server-side!

Fluffy thing in a wooden box

WordPress folks: Anyone who likes to take over our ‘mailto:staff’ plugin?…

WordPress plugin mailto:staff

Zehn Freund_innen müsst ihr sein.


Build the shit out of that internet: we’re still looking for #Laravel driven #PHP developers in #Berlin.…

Ghost 0.6, Einsnull und WordPress

Ghost 0.6, Einsnull und WordPress

Was kann Ghost zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt? Und im Vergleich zu WordPress: was kann es nicht? Ein kurzer Statusbericht.

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Jobs: PHP + Laravel, TYPO3 Neos, Magento

Jobs: PHP + Laravel, TYPO3 Neos, Magento

Wir suchen Senior PHP-Entwickler_innen zur Festanstellung in Berlin! / We’re looking for senior PHP developers for permanent position in Berlin!

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watched: Live, event driven dom element collections

Ohai, watched! Andreas published some MutationObserver stuff last week:

npm screenshot

People entitling themselves ‘CSS Guru’ or ‘JavaScript Wizard’ are quite often the Howies among the Colt Seaverses.

React + ES6

I like writing #react with #es6 for current browsers so much, best thing that happened in years!