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Learning a lot from just watching the Ghost dev team these days. Impressed by the way they plan and discuss features w/ the community. *

* Like 1, 2, 3, 4 et al.

Another nice hidden feature in Ghost: auto-enhance headlines by user-friendly anchor link IDs.

Ghost adds anchor link IDs to headlines

Being too CSS specific is like Tom Cruise pushing people around at the 1889 Oklahoma Land Rush.

For The Birds: Flying Roasters

Wir probieren uns gerne durch Kaffee (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Alte Freunde — sogar im wörtlichen Sinne — sind dabei jederzeit die Vögel von Flying Roasters, ehemals Five Roasters. — Allet jute!

Nightingale, Pearl Kite

BEM is all about low level CSS specificity and sort of scope by means of unique CSS classes per element.

Read more: ‘Why BEM?’ in a nutshell

‘Why BEM?’ in a nutshell

‘Why BEM?’ in a nutshell

Specificity and inheritance do not play well in modular environments. With BEM you achieve a sort of scoped CSS and reduce specificity to a minimum level.

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Italien Coffee

Need to work on that ‘Live at Palace Hotel Ballroom’ playlist: Jan Delay follows derb upon Buena Vista Social Club.