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Insgesamt duftet die Mischung fein, aristokratisch, elegant, leicht und rein.

Berliner so: »Juter Kaffe.«

Client asks for costs changing the headline structure on a live site.

I told her: 7.5 minutes.
— It’s BEM. <h1> or <h2> makes no fckn’ difference.

Shrug Source:


I love Firefox with plugins like Privacy Badger and HTTPS-Everywhere. But with El Capitan I’m on Safari now.
— It’s. so. damn. smooth.

Finally saw Whiplash.
— In case you can stand only one more drum solo in your life, have a look at Andrew’s!

Poor coffee at web conferences?
Fckn @RejectJS has fckn The Barn! <3


Lots of coffee

New teammates from Italy: Jolly, GM Maurizio, Martella.

Venti Caramel Macchiato at Berlin main station: 5,15 €.
You sell Blue Mountain pooped by Galapagos palm civets, don’t you?

Publishers, if you’re angry at ad blockers, don’t publish free content any more.
— Don’t publish at all.

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Missing some date("Y"), fellows?

Once more: BEM


Starting to use BEM for CSS in 2013/14 gave us a distinct boost to quality and performance.

It’s not that we didn’t know how to write modular CSS before. But BEM is like burning down your venue, leaving only low level CSS specificity.

And once you’ve figured out there’s some (element type based) pseudo scope with BEM, you’re about to write even more modular CSS.

As long as CSS does not provide scope, I think BEM is the best workaround we have.

Read more: ‘Why BEM?’ in a nutshell