Entries on page x


The WordPress plugin Entries on page x generates a link back to the archive page the current entry is on and makes it easier for users to retrieve the chronology of a blog.

Examples (without function):

Live demo

(Update: This blog doesn’t use WordPress any more but Ghost now.)

If you read this entry as a single post page, you will see the »Entries on page x«-Link above the entry. The wording depends on the type of refering page (Requires cookies!). The Plugin detects categories, tags, authors and dates.

Quick demos: Call the archive page for 2 December 2008 and select this entry again. The link will be »Entries on page 1 for 2 December 2008«. Select this entry on the archive page for tag »WordPress«, and the link will be »Entries on page x for tag WordPress«.

Download and further information

Get further information and the current download version at the
WordPress Plugin Directory.

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