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Every time I need to touch that old WordPress project, I fold my chair back and slide deep under the table. Like Batman in his tumbler, but on my back, not face down. Not heroic, but humble. You get the picture.

Send mails to your WordPress users?
There’s an app for it.


Test WP 4.6 compatibility: 5 min ✅
Update version string: 10 s ✅
Commit to grumpy ol’ SVN: 43+ min 👹

mailto:staff 3.1 for WordPress


We released a new version of our WordPress plugin called mailto:staff. You may go and grab it if you maintain a blog with several authors and want to write them emails.

Btw: the project will no longer be maintained. 🐼
If you'd like to take it over and continue development, feel free to contact us!

Cannot find a proper giphy for a WordPress with 31 plugins installed slightly falling apart.


Car falling apart

Source: https://gph.is/1o0HKjc

You have not logged in since June 2011, when we reset all passwords on the WordPress.org site.

— 2011, rly?

WordPress folks: Anyone who likes to take over our 'mailto:staff' plugin?

WordPress plugin mailto:staff

Ghost 0.6, Einsnull und WordPress

Was kann Ghost zum aktuellen Zeitpunkt? Und im Vergleich zu WordPress: was kann es nicht? Ein kurzer Statusbericht.

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Ghost redirects you to the login if you type wp-admin by mistake.

It's the little things <3

mailto:staff 3.0 – Custom roles FTW!


Unser kleines Plugin ist jetzt dreinull und kann mit Custom Roles umgehen.

Was macht es? Es setzt einen mailto-Link auf dein WordPress-Dashboard, der die E-Mail-Adressen der von dir ausgewählten Nutzergruppen enthält. Nützlich etwa für die interne Kommunikation in Gruppenblogs.

Plugin im WP-Verzeichnis:  mailto:staff