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Use Ember, Angular or React for server-side rendered websites? Well, no.
—Look, Gremlins! How ’d they instantiate?

Introducing Gremlin.js: web components for websites, not apps.

How to use Gremlin.js with HTML Custom Elements and BEM CSS to build modular server-side driven websites, not web apps.

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New Kalason

Released new Kalason website: BEM + GREMLIN.JS + Laravel + Magento.
—Go grab all those christmas goodies!


Website developers (not webapp devs): try GREMLIN.JS for dead simple web components!

Go for it whenever your HTML is rendered server-side!

Fluffy thing in a wooden box

watched: Live, event driven dom element collections

Ohai, watched! Andreas published some MutationObserver stuff last week:

npm screenshot