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Read about BEM for the first time? Forget about naming conventions and organizing things.
—It’s all about inheritance and specificity!

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Weil die Webdevs gerade wild über Tooling diskutieren (Auslöser), denkt dran: BEM für CSS benötigt keine Tools! Es ist nur ein Konzept.

BEM (genauer: Die Idee hinter BEM) ist zur Zeit die einzige Möglichkeit, ohne Tooling praktikables, modulares CSS zu entwickeln.

Mit Tooling muss es nicht mehr nur BEM sein, aber die Idee bleibt die gleiche: Styling ausschließlich über einzigartige Klassen.

2016, web components ahead and people still don’t see the benefits of using BEM for CSS?

(Hint: scope.)

If you read about BEM for CSS these days, stop thinking about classes and naming.
It’s all about inheritance.

»When you write CSS, there is always context and you’re about to touch it!«

Read on: ‘Why BEM?’ in a nutshell

This is what my stylesheet source looks like when using postcss-import w/ globbing:

Globbing imports

Always missed globbing in Sass. With BEM you produce a lot of partials and don’t want to import every last one of them.

Introducing Gremlin.js: web components for websites, not apps.

How to use Gremlin.js with HTML Custom Elements and BEM CSS to build modular server-side driven websites, not web apps.

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Again: why use BEM for CSS?
—Because you won’t be able to write modular CSS without.

New Kalason

Released new Kalason website: BEM + GREMLIN.JS + Laravel + Magento.
—Go grab all those christmas goodies!


If you find BEM syntax ugly, there’s a good chance your website footer contains some code is poetry or made with love in {town}.