COF, F+E. Not sure what this is all about.

Berlin http://decaf.de 295 posts

Berlin the fck you talkin bout? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Weird message on streetlight

Awesome build workflows are gold wert!

Nada Surf Death Cab ’n Cutie Friends

Favorite office playlist. ❤️

Screenshot Spotify-Link

Every time I need to touch that old WordPress project, I fold my chair back and slide deep under the table. Like Batman in his tumbler, but on my back, not face down. Not heroic, but humble. You get the picture.

I changed that Sound Blaster’s interrupt for whatever reasons.

Emotion driven development

Deeply in love with Paul and James. <3

Me (typing): CSS tricks flexbo…
DuckDuckGo like: Oh come on RLY?! 🐥🔫


Has what —gone?

$ git reset --heart HEAD